Stuck with an Embedded Network? Looking for a Way Out?

Embedded networks are becoming more and more common in strata developments and more and more new lot owners are becoming aware too late what an expensive trap these can be.


My Unit has been Leaking for Years and the Owners Corporation is doing Nothing - What can I do?

Is the owners corporation required to repair and maintain the common property?


Yes. Generally speaking, there is a strict obligation for the owners corporation to repair and maintain the common property under the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015. 


"Off the Plan" Purchase Regrets - Top 5 Potential Solutions

Sale of strata apartments “off the plan”, i.e. before they are built, are common with new developments. In a rising market, purchasers are keen not to miss out or to lock in a price which they expect to be less than the value of the apartment when completed.


Difficulties Paying Strata Levies? How to Change the Amount or when it needs to be Paid

Strata Levies are part and parcel of ownership of lots within a strata scheme. The owners corporation is entitled to make decisions about the striking of levies to meet its present and future expenses, and lot owners are required to make levy payments to continue to remain financial and capable to contributing to the decision-making within a scheme.


"Off the Plan" Sales | What Vendors Need to do in the Current Market

Sale of strata apartments “off the plan”, i.e. before they are built, has long been common with new developments. Developers typically require pre sales to satisfy lending requirements. Purchasers have historically been keen not to miss out or to lock in a price which they expect to be less than the value of the apartment when completed.


How Secure is your Strata Scheme?

Security measures strata schemes can and should consider taking


Security can sometimes be a tricky issue for owners corporations who need to balance the rights of owners and occupiers to access and use both common property and lot property with the scheme’s obligations to restrict unauthorised third parties from accessing the building and to minimise the risk of crimes such as break ins, theft or damage.    


Security Cameras - Who is Watching and Listening to you?

Security cameras in strata schemes are becoming more common. What these cameras can legally record, who retains the footage and who has a right to view the footage are all important issues for owners corporations that already have, or are considering installing security cameras.


Harsh, Unconscionable or Oppressive Pets By-laws

The commencement of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (“SSMA”) on 30 November 2016 changed the rules concerning pet ownership in strata buildings. Recent cases have clarified how this is impacting in key areas. Those key areas seem to be:


Discrimination in Strata

The Australian Human Rights Commission is the body to whom a complaint is lodged if you feel that you may have been discriminated against.


Owners and occupiers can have very different ideas about what arrangements are appropriate for assisting those with special needs to access and use their lots and common property facilities, participate in scheme meetings and observe cultural traditions.


Terminating Contracts due to Insolvency | Review Your Contracts with Companies

The Treasury Laws Amendment (2017 Enterprise Incentives No. 2) Act 2017 has introduced some changes concerning insolvent companies and their directors, which suggest the need for additional caution when contracting with companies and the need to review existing contracts.


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