Fact Sheet - Swimming Pool Laws

The Swimming Pools Act 1992 (“Act”) has been amended to impose additional requirements on pool owners. Key points:


Fire Safety Upgrade Orders

Council, or other consent authority, has the power to issue orders to the owner of a building requiring them to do such things as are necessary to promote adequate fire safety in the building under section 121B of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (NSW).


Submission on the Strata Schemes Management Bill 2015 & Part 10 of the Strata Schemes Development Bill 2015

1.            Introduction

This is a submission from Bannermans Lawyers addressing a number of issues with the Bills, based on our experience acting for owners corporations, lot owners, strata managing agents and contractors in relation to strata transactions and disputes.


Sydney Couple Win Two-Year Battle to Move Dog into Apartment Block

Designer dog Oscar Wylde has become the pin-up pet for animal-loving apartment dwellers everywhere after winning his two-year legal battle to be allowed to move into one of Sydney's most prestigious buildings.


Tenacious Owners Corporation Smashes Through Resistance to Access Order: Court of Appeal Clarifies Obligations and Rights to Reinstate Common Property

- The Owners – Strata Plan 21702 v Krimbogiannis [2014] NSWCA 411 (“the Connaught case”) -


In a Nutshell

Defamation and Strata Title - What to do when things get Heated

Things can get very heated in a strata context. Disputes can be very personal and can span long periods of time, allowing issues and frustrations to build up over time. Those frustrations can lead to emotional reactions and in some cases comments or actions which may be defamatory. Defamation may have occurred where the statements made involve publication of material which contains defamatory imputations about an identifiable individual.


Top Ten Tips for Buying a Strata Unit "Off the Plan"

Buying a strata unit “off the plan”, before it has been built, has long been common.


As compared with buying an existing property, there are many potential benefits,e.g. good pricing offered by developers needing to satisfy finance requirements, potential capital gain during the period between signing the contract and settlement, possible government first home buyer assistance, flexibility regarding floor plan and inclusions and more time to arrange your affairs before moving.


Compulsory Acquisition of Strata Property

Compulsory acquisition of land by Commonwealth and State authorities has long been controversial, but anxiety has risen in recent years. A number of major infrastructure development projects have been commenced or proposed in recent years, e.g. the NorthConnex and WestConnex projects in Sydney. We understand that more than 1,000 properties have been compulsorily acquired over the past five years and several hundred more are likely to be acquired as a result of these projects.


Submission On Community Schemes Law Reform and Position Paper

This is a submission from Bannermans Lawyers addressing a number of issues raised in the discussion paper, based on our experience acting for community associations, lot owners, managing agents and contractors in relation to community scheme transactions and disputes.


Noise in Strata Schemes

Noise is one of the most common cause of complaints within residential strata buildings. Complaints may involve noise from hard floors and lack of appropriate floor coverings, mechanical noise from air-conditioning equipment, motor vehicles and alarms, noise from renovation works, noise from activities such as parties and music and noise from barking dogs and other pets.


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