Update on 'No Pets' by-laws in Strata - The Miniature Schnauzer that Roared

The issue of pets in strata schemes has always been a controversial and fiercely contested issue.


Pets are often viewed as a member of the family by some, or conversely, an unpleasant annoyance by others.


Real Estate Industry Reforms | Implications for Strata Sector

The NSW Government is currently implementing a sweeping reform of laws regulating the real estate industry, with an expected start date of 23 March 2020 for most of the reforms.

Others Claiming or Using Your Land: Encroachments & Adverse Possession Claims

With the increasing cost and reducing size of city residential properties, exactly what land is owned by you is becoming a far greater issue.


The New Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulations 2019 (NSW)

Amongst the recent raft of changes to the residential building industry, on 1 December 2019 the Conveyancing (Sale of Land) Regulations 2019 (NSW) will commence with a view to providing greater protections to purchasers of residential property from off-the-plan contracts.

What`s Holding You Up? Neighbouring Excavations: The Right to Support

Sydney’s Geology


Starting 300 million years ago, a swamp forest started to subside, forming what we now known as the Sydney Basin. Then a river, 5 times bigger than the Amazon, with its origins south-west of Broken Hill,  ground down a mountain range in Antarctica (which was then attached to the Australian continent) depositing silica sands into the basin, later to become the region’s most noted geological characteristic, sandstone.

Security of Payment - Changes to Legislation: What Strata Managers Need to Know

With media reports of record insolvency levels in the constructions industry, the NSW Government has moved to tighten up the ability of Security of Payment legislation to improve cash flow and payment terms within the industry.


Embedded Networks - Government Action Required

Embedded networks, in a strata context, involve installation, during the construction phase, of infrastructure required for delivery of various utilities and services, which is owned by a third party, rather than the owners corporation. Typically, this involves electricity, but other services can be involved, e.g. solar electricity or heating, gas, heating, air conditioning, potable water, hot water, chilled water for cooling, telephone, internet access, storm water and waste removal systems.


Short-Term Lettings: Will the Proposed Reform Help You?

The NSW Government has released draft documents shedding some light on how the new legislation regulating short term lettings will work in practice. However, they pose as many questions as they answer. Further, the documents are currently being exhibited for public feedback and changes are likely.

Operating a Social Media Platform? Are you at Risk of Defamation Proceedings?

Any business with a Facebook, Twitter or other social media presence should be concerned about a recent Supreme Court decision, Voller v Nationwide News Pty Limited [2019] NSWSC 766, which in essence found that media organisations published comments by third parties made on their websites or pages on social media platforms, even if they were unaware of them and hence could be liable for them if they were defamatory. There is likely to be an appeal, but many experts doubt that the decision will be overturned.


Building Defects: Which Government was Responsible for the Defects Crisis?

A letter from Bannermans Laywers to Building Stronger Foundations Consultation Department of Finance, Services and Innovation 


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